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Ventev's New VenVolt 2 Site Survey Battery Pack

I have been using Ventev (TerraWave) for years. They have been my go-to for external antennas, NEMA enclosures, and AP mounting solutions. Whatever unique requirements your wireless has, Ventev has an elegant solution. Check them out here,

Ventev announced at Mobility Field Day 6 (MFD6) that they are coming out with a site survey battery solution for wireless engineers. It isn't exclusively for Wi-Fi engineers. Anyone can use it, but it will undoubtedly help with AP-on-a-stick surveys. Gone are the days of carrying a long extension cord and PoE injector, searching for a working AC outlet. Portable PoE makes your survey rig super mobile.

The 26,400mAh / 98Wh Lithium Polymer battery is the maximum battery capacity allowed by the FAA for a carry-on battery. Other notable features, USB-C charging, no more one-off barrel connector charger, carrying case, and pole mount included. 3-hour charge from 0 to 100%.

Important Note: When not providing PoE power, the USB-C port can be used as a power source. While the PoE ports are in use, only the USB-A port can be used to charge devices, the USB-C port will be disabled.

The ports...

The specs...

I can't wait to add the VenVolt 2 to my survey kit. I am very interested to see how this unit performs. Potentially all-day surveys, with a lunchtime charge top off for those extra power-hungry AP's. Weighing in at only 2.2 pounds, you will hardly notice it.

Ventev also had an excellent presentation on their power systems products, solar, battery enclosures, and kits here -



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