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Frustrated your team not hitting stellar KPIs? It could be your Wi-Fi (seriously!)

Diminished morale, reduced productivity and dipping revenues are all actually hallmark symptoms of a poorly designed Wi-Fi network. That said, that design is usually the most overlooked contributing factor. If left unattended, a bad network connection can eventually bring your business to a screeching halt.

Chances are, you and your team aren’t seeing its real impact. So, let’s take a look.

Diminished Employee Morale

Good employees thrive on achievement and getting results. Unfortunately, achievers are easily frustrated when the tools at their fingertips don’t work or worse, become hindrances.

A survey done by MonsterCloud found that slow Wi-Fi was the top employee pet peeve. This isn’t because it takes too long for their favorite cat videos to load. Slow, non-optimized Wi-Fi networks create latency, data access issues, innovation slowdowns and even disrupt customer communications.

Unable to do their jobs can cause your employees tremendous frustration and reduced morale. That morale in turn leads to complaints throughout the organization. Overcoming diminished morale takes a lot longer than causing it; it can even erode long term trust in the team.

Lost Productivity

How much time is lost in your company as teams wait for network issues to be resolved? It’s undeniably far too much.

Poor wireless design has a direct impact on productivity and ultimately, revenue. Simply put, poor wireless performance not only results in unproductive employees but also costly delays in your company’s workflow management and operations. A survey by Tech Research Asia revealed that poor network connectivity costs Australian companies an estimated 71 hours per employee in lost productivity each year - effectively a two full weeks of productivity loss per person, per year. Now multiply this loss by 10s, 100s or 1,000s of employees in your company. That’s the lost productivity your company experiences due to network dropouts, slow response times and other wireless network problems.

Revenue losses

Apart from the cost of your team’s dip in productivity, there’s also the risk of lost customers.

For example, what happens when your wireless network goes down and your CRM system experiences delays in responsiveness? This negatively impacts your customer's experience with your company and could mean losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars an hour in revenue. Plus, you risk losing valued customers to competitors that can respond timely to their inquiries.

If you’re seeing signs of a poorly designed network, it’s time for your IT team to give us a call. We’ll help assess deficiencies and identify the best path to optimize your Wi-Fi network design and so your team can start hitting those elusive KPIs.

Want to chat? Give us a call at 925-831-4740 for a no-cost, no commitment consultation.


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