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Acceltex Site Survey Battery Pack

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Acceltex Site Survey Battery Pack
Troubleshooting with Acceltex Site Survey Battery Pack

Recently I was given an Acceltex Site Survey Battery Pack (v1) to test. Let me tell you this is a great addition to the site survey kit. I know I am a little late to the party with this review, better late than never.

Through the years I have had some interesting solutions to powering my survey equipment. On some projects I would use a PoE injector with the longest AC extension cord I could carry. If the site didn't have AC power available, I would buy a UPS on-site and leave it with the customer when the survey was complete. Most of my rigs didn't look at all professional and were difficult to move around.

Acceltex to the rescue. They have created a battery pack with PoE built-in. The unit comes in a travel case to keep everything together The Battery, charging cable, Mounting case, and a pocket for extra cables. Pop it in your carry on luggage and take it anywhere.

Interesting Specs:

  • 802.11af / at compatible

  • Charge while in use

  • LCD displays charge capacity

  • LAN port to attach test device or laptop to config test AP in the field

  • 1.32 Lbs

  • Li-Ion 7500 mAh

  • A USB port to charge peripheral devices

  • Recharges in 4 hours

Acceltex v1 Ports

Check out their website for all the details -

I ran a battery runtime test by powering a Ruckus R510 in mesh mode with two clients connected with incidental throughput. The battery lasted 14 hours. That will certainly get you through a day of surveying without having to stop and top off the charge. It fully recharged in less than four hours.

Acceltex has a newer model that adds a 5A USB C port

For a professional-looking rig, add the Acceltex Site Survey Battery Pack to your kit.



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