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Working with Kahuna-Fi is Simple, Fast and Guaranteed!

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We Design and Deploy Superior Wi-Fi Networks

Eliminate the guess work and say goodbye to bad Wi-Fi

Take control of your wireless network today

Good Wi-Fi needs to be designed, not just installed

Not long ago, Wi-Fi was considered a convenient amenity and proper design was an afterthought.


Now that Wi-Fi is the backbone of most business networks, it is important to fully optimize your network design in order to get the most out of your wireless investment.

If it's not properly designed... 
it's just a guess

Chances are, if your wireless access points were just "installed" you may be experiencing some or all of these:

  • Connection issues

  • Inadequate signal strength

  • Slow speeds

  • Poor reliability

  • Lost productivity

  • Lost revenue

  • Not meeting business demands

  • Too many Wi-Fi trouble tickets

A Professionally Designed Wireless Network

Helps You:

Save Time

We handle the project end to end, no trial and error, Do it right...the first time.

Save Money

Purchase only the equipment you need. Install access points precisely where they need to be.

Have Great Wi-Fi

Sit back and have confidence that your wireless network will "just work"

Let Kahuna-Fi be your trusted wireless partner and let you get back to work.

Kahuna-Fi specializes in the following:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Design

  • Pre-Installation Site Survey

  • WLAN Troubleshooting

  • Remediation Design


Large Public Venues



  • Radio Frequency Analysis

  • Controller Configuration

  • Post Installation Testing - Heat Maps

  • Point to Point Link Engineering





Let Kahuna-Fi help you with ALL of your wireless LAN needs

How It Works

With Kahuna-Fi, have confidence that your wireless issues will be eliminated.


We will meet with you to assess the unique requirements of your project. 


Using our time tested design methodology, a wireless network will be designed to meet your unique physical environment, performance needs and requirements.


We work with licensed cabling installers or provide installation plans to your licensed low voltage contractors.

Working with us is simple, fast and guaranteed!