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A poorly designed wireless network is asking for trouble

Why Design?

Wi-Fi networks are critical to business operations.  Our hyperconnected world requires the network to deal with bandwidth hungry applications and relentless volumes of data while delivering reliability, flexibility, security and speed.  Get it wrong and soon you’re spending the bulk of your time trying to find and fix the problems. ​

With so much riding on Wi-Fi connectivity, is it worth the risk to not invest in its design?  ​

Wi-Fi performance issues can be disruptive to your employees and business operations. Devoid of proper insight into your network, it can take hours, if not days to rectify the problem. This leads to productivity down the drain. This can also mean poor customer experience, wasted work time, or even business grinding to a complete stop.​

We are here to help. It’s complex!​

Just the same way you need architects to plan your building design, and accountants to optimize your financial strategy, your enterprise needs expert Wi-Fi design to ensure the quality of the network can support business operations. ​

As Wi-Fi technology continues to evolve from 802.11 ac to 802.11 ax and beyond, the complexity of networks also increase. We are certified wireless networking experts (CWNE) with a over a decade of experience dedicated exclusively to Wi-Fi for you to leverage on your next project.

The Kahuna-Fi 5D Guarantee is revolutionary because it puts over a decade of in the trenches Wi-Fi troubleshooting, remediation, design and deployment into a systematic approach to wireless best practices.  This approach ensures the network is designed exactly to fit your environment and requirements and not based off a predictive design or hardware specs.  You not only save a ton of time, but the potential to save significant amount of budget by not wasting it on unnecessary hardware spend.  Reclaim your time to focus on high-value projects that move the business and your career forward. ​

What Makes Kahuna-Fi So Different? ​

The answer is…it depends.  We need a better understanding of what your needs are before we can provide the actual cost.  It’s a common misconception that hiring a wireless experts is cost prohibitive.  How much time do you spend troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues?  Do business operations come to a grinding halt because the network goes down?  How often are employees frustrated because their productivity is impeded by unreliable Wi-Fi?  Are employees able to seamlessly move throughout the building or campus and maintain connectivity? A poorly designed network is already costing you a great deal. ​

What’s my investment? ​

What Makes Kahuna-Fi So Different? ​


Working with Kahuna-Fi is Simple, Fast and Guaranteed!

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