Upgrading your network infrastructure while managing a shrinking budget is a daunting task. Kahuna-Fi's expertise will stretch your budget through efficiency and optimization.

You can be confident it's right so you don't have to fix it later.

You bring the future, we'll bring the Wi-Fi

Digital Transformation, IoT, Edge to Cloud, SaaS, and Customer Experience, no matter the project, initiative, or workflow, Wi-Fi plays a direct role in the performance of the business.

Be ready for what's next with an

expert WLAN design.

Your requirements drive our design and deployment recommendations. You'll get a complete solution for your unique environment and desired business outcomes. Not only that, we’ll save you hundreds of wasted hours a year by eliminating the need to troubleshoot erratic Wi-Fi. 

5 Reasons to Outsource Your WLAN Design to an Expert

Save Headcount – No need to have an expert on the payroll. With erratic Wi-Fi eliminated you can reallocate staff away from troubleshooting

Save Your Budget –  No overspending on unnecessary hardware and expensive cable reruns

Save Time – Experts have a high proficiency, skill, and knowledge that translates into faster deployment without trial and error.


Custom Design – the WLAN will be designed to operate in your unique environment providing everyone with a great experience


Reduced Business Risk – reliable connectivity is the foundation of productivity and efficiency

Connectivity is critical to your business. Our comprehensive approach ensures you get a network that is designed to achieve your business outcomes for your unique environment. 

If your network is aging or outdated, your business may be at risk.


Is your staff stretched thin? No problem. We can manage the entire project for you!

Get the Most Out of
Your WLAN Investment

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