Keep Your Network Healthy

Don't delay! Performing regular health checks on your network is vital to its performance and overall wellness. Regardless if you recently deployed a new network or you need to squeeze the life out of your existing one, a health check survey will keep your WLAN running smoothly.  

Why should you do a wireless network health check?

Wireless networks are not "set and forget" and continue to take on more of the enterprise's connectivity needs. Devices and applications evolve faster than access point technology; doing a health check accounts for changes over time. 


Bandwidth-hungry applications and accommodations for a hybrid work environment have likely changed demands on your network since users were driven remote. As employees return back to the office, customer in-store visits return to normal volume or shifts in inventory or physical space change, chances are your WLAN probably needs a tune-up. 


Benefits of a wireless network health check:

  • Improve the user/operator experience

  • Identify rogue devices/remove potential security vulnerabilities 

  • Avoid network outages

  • Overcome network slowdowns

  • Manage issues before they impact the business

  • Prepare the network for a future upgrade

  • Validate a WLAN design

Options to perform a wireless network health check:
Using the right tools can make health check site surveys fast and easy. Accuracy matters - A LOT. It is important to use tools and software that produce signal and coverage maps designed for wireless networks. The use of cobbled-together tools will not yield a holistic view of your network and may present a false sense of security in your network's health. 

We can do a wireless network health check for you or help you purchase the right tools to make surveying your WLAN simple. Schedule a call or drop a note and let's discuss how we can improve the performance of your wireless network.

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