Connecting, Assuring and Supporting Experiences

AI-driven network for switches, access points, and IoT/BLE services in the cloud 


MIST Systems offers:

  • Virtual Network Assistant 

AI-driven operations and help desk



  • Wi-Fi Assurance

Insight for IT by making service levels predictable, reliable and measurable 



  • Proximity tracing

Hot zone alerting – disperse or divert traffic from congested areas with real-time alerting



  • Location based services

BLE engagement, BLE asset tagging – ability to location high value resource and analyze traffic patterns

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This is not a MIST AP - This is a Ruckus AP - What are you trying to pull here

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Not sure where to start or what AP to use?  


Kahuna-Fi can design a customized solution built to your specific requirements and business demands. 


Kahuna-Fi is your outsourced Wi-Fi expert.  Our efficient network design process translates into reliability and performance you can trust while at the same time reducing cost.






Working with Kahuna-Fi is Simple, Fast and Guaranteed!

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