End Chronic Wi-Fi Issues

Imagine how much you would get done if your days weren't loaded with trouble tickets.

With expert help, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing erratic Wi-Fi is a thing of the past.

Clear requirements and on-site surveys are non-negotiable when deploying a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network. Here are a few other tips that may improve your WLAN:

Check channel configuration –  Frequency, co-channel interference, channel bonding, and channel width. These can be a master class alone, and we often see factory default settings and channel size contributing to erratic Wi-Fi. Be intentional with channelization.

Channel Deep Dive>


Monitor Signal-to-Noise (SNR) ratio  – Background "noise" impedes signal strength. SNR ultimately determines data rates. A general guideline is 25dB.

Audit existing infrastructure – Even the "best" AP's won't make your network faster if the backhaul is inadequate. Is the switching and cabling infrastructure ready for Wi-Fi 6 and beyond? 

Wi-Fi shouldn't be frustrating! Common misconceptions often bog down WLAN performance.

Is your network suffering from design flaws? Check out the resource below and see.

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3 Tips to Improve
Wi-Fi Performance

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