Citizens Broadband Radio Service

CBRS provides a robust, private LTE network to offload existing indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi onto FCC regulated spectrum that is dedicated to your organization. CBRS is ideal for new or challenging connectivity requirements to solve for mission-critical communications such as high-value transactions, IoT devices, IP video camera backhaul, and upload. If your Wi-Fi applications are pushing your existing wireless network to the limit, CBRS may be right for you.


As Certified Professional Installers (CPI), we can design, deploy, and register CBRS/CBSD access points with the Spectrum Access System (SAS) as required by the FCC.

To help you navigate through this new technology we have put together a FAQ section. The FCC has come up with a whole new level of acronym soup with CBRS, let us help you sort it out.

Schedule a call with one of our engineers if you have any additional questions.

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