We help organizations who can't afford to risk business operations on poor connectivity 

Bad Wi-Fi is expensive and creates inefficiencies across the entire organization. Wireless access points and client devices often get blamed for poor connections and slow performance but the hardware may not be the problem. The network may have been deployed without thorough consideration of the unique characteristics of your environment.

A great Wi-Fi network starts with a great design. 

We have deep expertise from over a decade of designing, deploying, and remediating hundreds of wireless networks. We know wireless success is 100% determined by proper design protocols. Our 5D process ensures we design and deploy the most efficient WLAN to meet the unique requirements specific to your environment - guaranteed

We take the guesswork out of your WLAN so you get the most out of your investment without having to worry about costly remediation. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor and the first one you turn to for all your wireless network needs.

Drop us a note at Aloha@Kahuna-Fi.com or call 925-831-4740.

You deserve good Wi-Fi. We're here to help.